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What is a virtual or online escape room? At The Entrapment, we want all the excitement and mystery of our live games to be experienced from the comfort and saftey of your living room. We've combined a fun, online interface with a live stream from a Game Master inside the room. You can ask the GM to "search the bookcase", or you can do it yourself with a simple click, examining detailed images taken inside the room. You can even pick up items and unlock them, all with the click of a mouse. Combining a live stream with the interactive interface let's everyone get in on the puzzle solving action. It will be like nothing you've experienced before and we can't wait for guests to become trapped in this hybrid, online world.

To learn more about The Disappearance at Fogmore Manor click here to be taken to our main website.

Reservations (all times are in PST)
Reservations cost $70 for the entire room. You can have up to 6 players login to the interface, although you can certainly have as many people in front of each computer as you want. We recommend a group size no larger than 6 as things can become a bit hectic.
(see the Reservations page for available game times)
Non-peak time reservations for this online game are available up to 30 days in advance.
Non-peak Times
  • Monday - Thursday all day
  • Friday before 6:00 PM
  • Sunday after 6:00 PM
Peak time reservations are reserved for live games, however online game reservations will become available 3 hours in advance if space is available.
Peak Times
  • Friday for games starting at or after 6:00 PM
  • All day Saturday
  • Sunday all day until 6:00 PM
To make reservations for available space during peak times, please send an email to info@theentrapment.com or give us a call at (858)848-6539 and let us know the time slot you are interested in. We will reply with a confirmation and a link from which you can book your reservation.

Verify Your Browser is Ready to Play!
Ready to verify that your browser is compatiable with our online interface? It's easy! We've already tested it with the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What about IE? Unfortuantely IE's support for the technology used is sketchy at best. You can try it, but we suggest you download Chrome or Firefox.

What about Tablets? We suggest not using a tablet for various reasons. Apart from some technical hiccups, they simply don't supply enough screen space for a video stream as well as the rest of the interface. However we have tested on various tablets including older and new iPads and have had some success.

Click here to visit the browser verification page.